Get angry There is a new trailer. Only more than three weeks before the next Marvel movie is released, Disney and Marvel Studios have launched a new 30-second trailer-it is essentially a TV commercial-which provides us with some new actions Lens and pronunciation lessons. The latter incident involved Simu Liu’s American best friend Katie (Awkwafina). Despite repeated instructions, she still had trouble saying her name correctly. Marvel also seems to be speaking to the audience here, teaching them how to pronounce the name of the latest superhero in some way.

“I have been trying my to forget my past: my father and Shihuan,” Shangzhi (Liu) said in the new Get angry In the trailer, we see the young Shangzhi (played by Zhang Tianyi) being beaten and trained with a club. Elsewhere, his father Wenwu/Mandarin (played by Tony Leung) told him: “You are destined to be a great person. Don’t your true identity.” There is a new shot of Wenwu spinning and kicking his son in the face. , And there are slow-motion shots of Shang Qi avoiding the blade of the razor punch (Florian Munteanu).

new Get angry The trailer also teased a fabulous land with a phoenix, and then ended the air with ten rings. Pasting the title cards of “Shangzhi” and “Legend of Ten Rings”, we enter the pronunciation lesson mentioned earlier. Katie didn’t get it right-she either emphasized the wrong consonant or omitted the “g”-prompting Shangqi to spell out for her: “S, H, A, N, G-Shang.” But she didn’t understand. Because she replied: “ is what I said.”

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In addition to Liu, Okafina, Liang, and Montanu, “Shangqi” and “The Legend of Ten Rings” also starred Zhang Menger as Shangqi’s separated sister Xia Ling, and Chen Fala as Jiang Li. The details of the roles have not yet been revealed. Nedickt Wang as Wong (from Doctor Strange), Michelle Yeoh plays Jiangnan who guards the mythical city (probably the guardian of Phoenix), Qian Langni plays Shangzhi’s friend Jon En, and Xu Yu plays the widow (from Black widow). Abomination returns from The Hulk, but it is not known whether Tim Roth will play him.The masked villain death dealer is also part of it Get angry.

The Legend of Shangqi and the Ten Rings will be shown in theaters around the world on September 3.Although the delayed murmur due to the increase in COVID-19 cases in the United States due to the Delta variant-Sony Pictures delayed the release date of Venom: Carnage in the new trailer-Disney seems confident Get angry Will be released because the new trailer comes with a September 3rd release date. Although other studios have announced their names, the release date in India has not yet been determined.