Last weekend and the legend of Ten Rings broke the $250 million milestone last weekend, and its global box office total is estimated to reach $257.6 million (approximately 1,899 crore). This was driven by an almost equal increase in North America (the United States and Canada) and elsewhere. The former brought in 35.7 million US dollars (approximately Rs 26.3 billion) and the latter contributed 35.2 million US dollars (approximately 25.9 billion rupees) from 42 regions. Crore) all over the world. So far, the head of the country—— Get angry It is an American product-worth 145.6 million US dollars (approximately Rs 1,073 crore), while the remaining US$ 112 million (approximately Rs 82.5 crore) comes from all overseas markets.

The new Marvel movie’s global decline in the second was less than the previous Marvel Cinematic Universe entry, led by Scarlett Johansson Black widow, It is recommended to be released exclusively Get angry Although Disney Chief Executive Bob Chapek is worried, it is a boon. Black widow It is available in most Disney+ market theaters and Disney+ Premier Access at the same time-it is a month and a half late in India, but there is no Premier Access promise.

Comment: Marvel’s Get angry Movie makes all the right choices

That said, Get angryThe drama debut of the company rejects money from people who can’t watch Disney movies in theaters or who feel uncomfortable going to the theaters now.However, this is good enough for Disney, as the studio announced the rest of its 2021 over the weekend-including Marvel’s new superhero team in Eternal race On November 5th, Disney’s animated Columbia-style Encanto will be released on November 24th-it will only premiere in theaters.

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Among the US$112 million in figures, the best performers in “Shangqi” and “Legend of Ten Rings” are the United Kingdom (US$16.4 million), South Korea (US$10.7 million), France (US$7.5 million), and Russia (US$6.1 million) ) And Japan (5.5 million USD)).China is not in the equation because it usually appears in the equation because Get angry Traditionally Marvel’s second largest market, there is still no release date. There are no cinemas in most parts of Southeast Asia, and cinemas there are still closed. Having said that, Shangzhi and Legend of Ten Rings continue to perform well in the few Southeast Asian that are currently open for business, such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.

Shangzhi has been leaked on Torrent sites and networks

Shangqi and Legend of the Ten Rings maintained their No. 1 positions in multiple regions this week, including Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Spain and the United Kingdom. Although based on box office calculations, 60% of Australia is under lockdown, 70% of Japan is in a state of emergency, screening time, and South Korea is experiencing the biggest COVID wave in history. India is limited to 50% of capacity, and Maharashtra, which has the most screens, has yet to be closed. Get angry Made rupees. As of Friday, India’s total revenue was 181.8 million rupees (approximately US$2.4 million); this weekend’s figures are not yet available.

No other movie can compare with the US$70.9 million (approximately Rs 52.2 billion) global weekend box office of “Shangqi” and “Legend of Ten Rings”.In second place is the action comedy “Freeman” led by Ryan Reynolds-also a Disney release Get angry -Last weekend, it brought US$23.1 million (approximately 1.7 billion rupees) at the box office worldwide, and it will be screened in Indian cinemas on Friday, September 17. Free Guy’s total revenue is now 276.5 million US dollars (approximately Rs 2,038 crore).

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In the upcoming competition Get angry And “Freeman”, Warner Bros. began to stagger the release of “Dune”-Dennis Villeneuve adapted from Frank Herbert’s epic science fiction novel by Timothy Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Strand Skarsgard, Dave Bautista, Zendaya and Jason Momoa and Javier Bardem-this in parts of Europe and Southeast Asia. At the end of the month, Daniel Craig’s last outing “Bond, No Time To Die” premiered in India, the United Kingdom, Japan, and parts of Europe and Southeast Asia.