C8 Corvette Mule Blackjack 12

What used to be a daydream is now a reality, because 2020 Chevrolet Corvette It marks the transition of decades-old car model from the front engine layout to the middle engine layout. However, developing the eighth-generation Corvette was not only time-consuming, but not only required to simply switch the engine from one end of the car to the other, but it also took GM more than five years to fine- the power of the C8.

Of course, GM cannot let the public know what it is doing, so the company Holden Marlow Pickup trucks. Looking at this cobblestone-shaped developmental child, obviously this is not ordinary Maloo. With a wide fender trajectory, large wings, and windshields and A-pillars produced by Corvette, this hacked Holden hardly thought of it, it was just an upcoming mid-engine Early development tools for cars.

GM employees gave it the nickname "Blackjack." This mid-engined Maloo was hand-made at General Motors' Warren Technology Center in 2014 and became the first C8 ule. To reflect its Corvette ambitions, the blackjack interior is the same as the C7 Corvette's main hardware. Similarly, Blackjack shares its V-8 engine with the seventh-generation Corvette, although it uses PorscheThe source's -clutch automatic transmission [or PDK as Porsche calls it].

Of course, as the development of the new Corvette continues, development cars wearing heavy production vehicles [of course under severe camouflage] complement blackjack. Although the basic shape of the C8 has begun to become the focus of these cars, the style details of the model are still kept secret as engineers begin to study the dynamic characteristics of the mid-engine monster. Starting from about 11 handmade muzis in 2016, with the of ten years, it has quickly developed into nearly 100 development tools. Although the latter batch of camouflages were disguised, they still wore design details and interiors close to production.

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With the launch of Corvette in 2020, early development of the car will no longer require confidentiality. In fact, at a recent press conference with the new Corvette, GM hid a handful of cars in hiding, which gave us the opportunity to see when GM had the latest design for its infamous car.

It can be said that all the work of the company has been rewarded because 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Impressed us enough to win us Best Car of the Year 2020. Like its predecessors, the latest Corvette is definitely worth the money. Thanks to its starting price of $ 59,995 and nearly 500 horses produced with a 6.2-liter V-8 engine, Corvette Sprint at 60 mph in 2.8 seconds. No need to worry, because the Corvette of the mid-engine is as real as the Malo of the mid-engine, which has accelerated the development of the C8.