An international team of scientists said on Monday that it has joined forces to fight the spread of online anti-Semitism with the help of artificial intelligence.

The Alfred Landecker Foundation, which supports the project, said in a statement on Monday that the “Decoding Anti-Semitism” project includes discourse analysts, computer linguists and historians who will Develop a “highly sophisticated, AI-driven method to identify online anti-Semitism”.

“In order to prevent more and more users from radicalizing on the Internet, it is important to determine the true scope of anti-Semitism, while also considering that the implicit form may become more explicit over time. ,” said Matthias Becker, a linguist and project at the Technical University of Berlin.

The team also includes researchers from King’s College London and other scientific institutions in Europe and Israel.

The foundation says that computers will help process large amounts of data and images that cannot be evaluated due to the large number of humans.

“Research also shows that most anti-Semitic slanders are expressed in implicit ways, for example, through the use of codes (“juice” instead of “Jews”) and hints of certain conspiracy narratives or the reproduction of stereotypes. Especially through pictures”.

Scientists believe that since implicit anti-Semitism is difficult to detect, the combination of qualitative and artificial intelligence-driven methods will allow for more comprehensive searches.

Organizations that track anti-Semitism online have found that online anti-Semitism problems are increasing, as can be seen from the increase in conspiracy myths accusing Jews of manufacturing and spreading COVID-19.

The focus of the current project was initially on Germany, France and the United Kingdom, but later expanded to other countries and languages.

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The German news dpa reported that the Alfred Landeck Foundation was established in 2019 to respond to the increasing trend of populism, nationalism, and hatred of minorities, with 3 million euros (about 260 million ) ) Support the project.

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