Sanders claims major victory in Nevada to strengthen control over Democratic race

Progressive Branding Bernie secured a decisive victory in the qualifier on Saturday, cementing his lead in the race to choose a Democratic candidate facing the president Donald Trump In the November elections.

Sanders tops the list with 10% of votes , and in a state considered a significant leader, Sanders' victory was a major achievement because it was the first diverse voter to participate in the 2020 presidential election.

NBC News reports that a 78-year-old senator from Vermont leads with 44.7% of the vote, followed by former Vice President Joe Biden with a 19.5% vote.

Former Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg's Bend accounted for 15.6%, progressive senator Elizabeth Warren accounted for 11.8%, and Senator Amy Klob Amy Klobuchar fell to 4.3%.

"We won the referendum in Iowa, we won the primaries in New Hampshire, and now we have won the core group in Nevada," Sanders said at a hustle and bustle. Bernie! "

"In Nevada, we have just formed a multi-generational, multi-ethnic alliance that will not only in Nevada, but also sweep the country."

Sanders spoke in one of the 14 states where El Paso, Texas voted on March 3, when he hoped his progressive policies, including universal health care and raising the minimum wage, would Resonates with millions of Americans.

Some Sanders competitors, such as the mild Buttigieg, have already congratulated him on his victory in Nevada. But the 38-year-old soldier has issued a severe warning not to choose someone who calls himself a democratic socialist. He believes that "capitalism is the root of all evil" runs counter to populist Trump.

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Buttigieg said in the speech: "Senator Sanders believes that a rigid ideological revolution will make most Democrats, let alone most Americans."

Since Sanders actually tied for first place in Iowa's first game and then won last week's game in New Hampshire, when the game turned to South Carolina and then Super Tuesday, he was in his own Compete in position with seven opponents.

Trump congratulated Sanders.

Trump tweeted: "It looks crazy Bernie is doing well in Nevada." After sniffing at other candidates, he added: "Congratulations Bernie, don't let them take it from you. Take it! "

With the arrival of the game, the national game quickly started, with several candidates such as Klobuchar, Warren or MPs Tulsi Gabad There will be pressure to decide whether they will stick it out of Nevada or South Carolina or throw it into a towel.

-"Back"-Centrist Biden, eager to correct a listing ship after the first two state fiascoes, told supporters that he felt "very good" about Nevada's performance and should not be excluded.

A frontrunner insisted: "We are alive and we are coming back." "We will continue to South Carolina to win and then take it back!"

South Carolina has a majority of Black Democratic voters, and Biden is there for polls, and his popularity among African Americans is in part to his popularity as President Barack Obama The Vice President has been here for eight years.

Sanders leads the national polls with an average approval rating of 28%.

This is 11 points ahead of Biden and 13 points ahead of billionaire media mogul Michael Bloomberg new York To focus on "Super Tuesday", he skipped election campaigns in four early states.

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Recently, Sanders has been largely unrestrained by their opponents. They are more focused on weakening Bloomberg's development. Bloomberg has invested a staggering $ 438 of its personal wealth in campaign advertising, which is the highest record in history.

In Las Vegas, qualifiers were held in the city's world-famous casinos and hotels.

Unlike elections, which are conducted by secret ballot in the election, core group participants vote publicly by standing with supporters of the selected candidate.

Nevada officials are keen to avoid the embarrassment of the Iowa Caucus, which relies on flawed technology to communicate results, and Nevada officials have turned to a "very low-tech" system, the state's senior consultant Jon Sa Jon Summers said. Democratic Party.

The system includes the results of dialing a telephone hotline and backing up with photos of paper counting paper.

Voting tabulation is much slower than it was four years ago, largely due to the new rules requiring causality to report several sets of data.

But Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, told reporters that while the goal is to achieve results on Saturday night, the more important goal is "to get it right."

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