Two months after the successful launch of Buds +, is clearly preparing for the next "audible" version. After applying for patents in the EU and the UK, Owned by the upcoming Galaxy Has entered the US trademark application process. As reported by SamMobile, Galaxy BudsX may have some tricks. Although Initially attracted attention due to its unique "bean-like" shape, earplug It is also expected to be sold as a fitness earbud, and its beautiful may be very useful to its target audience.

As shown in the figure above, the trademark application contains the phrase "MP3 player and wearable wireless headset sold as a unit." This may mean that we can expect BudsX to support independent audio playback and built-in storage to save your favorite songs, audiobooks or podcasts.

For runners or cyclists who do not want to hang their mobile phones all the time, this feature will be a huge reward. In fact, we already know that earplugs may contain software for tracking your position and movement status (such as distance and calories), so they can become true all-in-one fitness companions. Of course, you still need to use the phone to answer the call, but at least you can reduce the need to rely on the phone's data or music battery.

Samsung has made a sturdy, publicly available true wireless headset in the form of Galaxy Buds +, but the upcoming new earbuds can well complement Samsung's existing product line. Obviously, in the fierce competition from companies such as Apple, Google, etc., the South Korean technology giant is trying to win a place for itself.

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