Samsung's S10 and Note 10 updated with the best camera features of the S20

introduced a number of new camera and to the product in last year's S10 and 10 series software updates. The company announced today. New features include camera functions such as single-shot and nighttime overshoots, as well as new gallery and sharing features. Samsung did not provide an exact date for the update, but Samsung stated that it "will roll out to certain markets, including the United States, in the coming weeks."

We were particularly impressed with it when we tried a single shot Galaxy S20 Ultra. This feature lets you press the shutter button once and let the phone automatically capture a series of different camera effects at once. A single shot may not produce the best quality photos, but you can easily choose interesting photos. There are also "Custom Filters" that automatically generate photo filters from existing photos, while more advanced professional modes give you more fine-grained control over shooting settings.

The Gallery's "Clean View" groups similar photos into one thumbnail to make your photo collection cleaner.
Picture: Samsung

The upcoming update will also include some improvements in low-light photography. As the name suggests, the S20's night ultra-interval shooting mode is designed to provide better ultra-interval shooting video in low light conditions. As part of the update, the regular night mode of the Galaxy S10 will also be improved to make it more consistent with the Galaxy S20 series. When we reviewed the S20 Ultra, we found that its low-light photography software was not completely comparable to 's Pixel 4, but S10 users should still be better than before.

Finally, there are several more general software updates. The gallery app in the S10 and Note 10 lineup will get a new "pure view" mode, which groups similar photos into a thumbnail to make them look more organized, and also provides a new "quick view" Crop "mode. Quick sharing and music sharing features will also appear on older devices. We complain that Samsung's software is starting to look a little swollen in our reviews of its 2020 devices, but in many cases you can customize the phone's UI to your liking.

These features will be a welcome addition to any existing or potential owners of Samsung devices last year. When we use these new features in the Galaxy S20 series, we usually like these features, and now they can be used on older hardware, which usually cost only a small part of this year's phones.

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