After releasing a pair True wireless earbuds With a reasonable price and a considerable feature list in 2019, Samsung has completed a significantly improved and slightly higher-priced packaging Galaxy Bud + More than two months ago.

X logo … unorthodox design

And Samsung ’s next-generation super conventional appearance AirPods The alternative initially made people unable to anticipate its official brand, and we obviously never expected to use the internal "Bean" code name. After all, it ’s ridiculous to charge a pair of Galaxy Bud Beans around $ 150.

However, at the same time, we will not bet on this house on the Galaxy Buds 2 nickname, because not long after, another name will be realized commercially.

As from LetsGoDigital In the Netherlands(Translate here), The Samsung BudsX label has recently registered trademarks in the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the British Intellectual Property Office, which is related to the rumored development of the company's bean-shaped headphones.

Of course, there is currently no way to verify the connection, but only in terms of time, this shows that the recently leaked products have something in common with the newly registered brand. That being said, there are still many things constantly changing, and we do not rule out the existence of two different and unrelated products.

Not just headphones?

Of course, we hope that Samsung will use the full Galaxy BudsX name marketing purposes, and if the name is unfamiliar, it may be due to the short-lived existence in the 2016s. Gear IconX. What is fascinating on the paper is that "fitness earplugs" have never managed to stand out, but some of their activity tracking functions can be restored by Samsung Galaxy BudsX.

The Samsung BudsX trademark instructions that seem to the theory cover content such as "software that provides fitness guides" and "software that measures distance, speed, time, heart rate changes, activity levels, calories burned", although it does not necessarily mean All these functions will be integrated into the final product with this name. The name itself is not etched, because not all trademarks registered by technology giants like Samsung have become a commercial reality.

However, if the company does decide to release the Galaxy BudsX with built-in fitness tracking, with Active noise reduction does not exceed $ 150, Apple's leading AirPods You may suddenly find yourself in a world. The same goes those who are super affordable Smart band like Xiaomi, Fitbit and Garmin, they may be outdated … if Samsung manages not to revert to retro bugs (in the end it could be the head) Gear IconX.

In addition to being able to stay healthy (without a wrist-worn device) and AirPods Pro ’s unrivalled ANC technology, the next-generation Galaxy Buds can also match its “Plus” pioneer with an impressive 11 hour battery life. However, since everything sounds so good and unbelievable, it is wise to stay skeptical the time being and hope that according to the current rumors, one two things will not be realized.