Although Samsung undoubtedly did Outstanding work to spread the love of Android 10 Span Its high end Or even Mid-range smartphone product portfolio In Recent monthsThe company is not in a hurry optimize and deploy the latest OS version to any its moderately successful tablet computers.

For car owners released in 2019, this must be particularly frustrating Galaxy Tab S6, It is equipped with the most advanced Snapdragon 855 processor, priced at more than 650 US dollars. You may have expected a certain software support standard in this price range, but it has certainly not been provided since 10.5-inch slate Make it Commercial debut about seven months ago.
As promised All the way back to November 2019At in some European markets, the official Android 10 update has finally begun. for the time being, We only have confirmation from Germany As far as LTE-enabled variants are concerned, but if there are recent historical signs, deployments should expand rapidly in the old continent and North America.

We ’re talking about a few days, or in the worst case, a few weeks, and it ’s clear that both Wi-Fi only devices and cellular-enabled devices will go from Android 9.0 Pie in a very long time Transition OS build 10 time. Naturally, the Android 10 update will apply Samsung's proprietary One UI appearance on top it, and surprisingly, it seems that the company is skipping version 2.0 provide One UI 2.1 Candy package.

This is Galaxy S20 The ultra-high-end mobile phone family is out control, and According to Samsung's announcement more than a week ago, Galaxy S10 Note 10 series will receive updates from late March. The Galaxy Tab S6's One UI 2.1 ETA has no news, so this is definitely a pleasant surprise and may offset your frustration waiting for Android 10 update for so long.
course, the Galaxy Tab S6 is not equipped with the best camera in the world, which means that it will not receive all the major photographic improvements that the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series are considering. Nevertheless, in addition all other functions, this tablet will also have some simple features, such as quick sharing and music sharing Android 10 well.

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