Google Daydream is the company's discontinued virtual reality (VR) platform, which can run on and requires the user's mobile phone to be placed in a headset to experience it. Initially launched in the second half of 2016, but discontinued in October last year after HBO and Hulu Give up support In any case, Daydream can still run normally on most Android 10 , and some users still like to use it. But according to online reports from users, after upgrading to Android 10, Daydream support has been removed from their phones without notice.

Samsung Galaxy S9For example, users who tried to use Daydream's Note 9 and S9 + now see a message stating that their phones are incompatible and "need to use Daydream-enabled phones."

"This way, Daydream is no longer applicable to my S9 + without any notice or warning," a Samsung community member Say.

Samsung in its Android 10 version does not define the flags that exist in the previous Android versions of these phones to set the phone to support VR. in contrast, pixel Mobile phones on Android 10 can still run Daydream as before, Reddit User reports.

Since Google Daydream has technically been discontinued, it has not yet been confirmed whether Samsung just gave up support for outdated products, or ignored the above logo and will fix it.

Before the emergence of Google's Daydream, Samsung itself had entered the field of mobile VR. Gear VR, This is the company ’s own headset, you can plug your phone into the phone. It makes full use of this South Korean giant's gorgeous OLED -dense screen, even if it is only a few inches away from your eyes, their appearance is also great. Gear VR has not been officially discontinued, although considering that even its partner Oculus has deleted or stopped its applications from the platform, it may be dead.

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