Samsung is Asias favorite brand 9 years in a row

According to market research companies movement Asia Pacific (through Sam Mobile), Samsung Electronics Since 2012, “Nielsen” has been the top brand in the study. Over the past 9 years, the study is based on the answers of more than 8,000 respondents from 14 countries/regions in Asia and is the highest brand in the study. Samsung was found to be the most popular brand among all 1,000 choices, by Apple, LG and Google.

The South Korean giant is favored for global resonance, broad product portfolio and product innovation, which recently appeared in the form of Samsung Galaxy Fold with Z flip smartphone.

At the same time Galaxy Fold Campaign Asia pointed out that this is not perfect and is facing a delay in order to solve display durability problem, which is the same as the announcement of Apple’s first iPhone to redefine the smartphone industry.

Sports Asia further quoted Benedict Gordon, CEO of Superunion Asia, who talked about Samsung’s popularity among Asian consumers:

It is not difficult to see why Samsung, with strong marketing capabilities and a variety of products suitable for all types of consumers, has won the favor of consumers for many years.

From the recently released Samsung Galaxy A71, We found budget price impressive Our comments, To the power of smartphones Galaxy Note 20 ultra. Samsung relies on its Galaxy Watch The series also offers various designs to attract all types of consumers.

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By Rebecca French

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