According to the latest reports, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 (unofficial name) may have a dual hinge design and sliding keyboard. Samsung seems to be developing a number of phones. It is rumored that a product with a model number of Galaxy Z Fold 3 was reportedly leaked in the form of a product sketch of a design patent filed in 2018. Design, but the other panel is also foldable and has a sliding keyboard.

As LetsGoDigital pointed out, the design patent was filed by Samsung Display with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) in mid-2018 and was discovered in July this year. The states that it contains eight product sketches and short descriptions. The sketch shows the device in an unfolded state, with two and a keyboard protruding from the side. Based on the product sketch, the publication collaborated with Sarang Sheth, editor-in-chief of Yanko Design (an online magazine for international product design), to create a 3D rendering of the phone.

The rumored unofficial rendering of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 shows the tripe’s rear design
Image source: LetsGoDigital

Looking at these renderings (as mentioned above, not provided by Samsung), the rumored Galaxy Z Fold 3 has a similar design to the Galaxy Z Fold 2, but has an additional hinge that can open another screen so that it can be unfolded A long single display is formed. One of the screens can usually be folded like on the Galaxy Z Fold 2, but the third screen can be folded outward so that the available display is always on top. In addition, a sliding QWERTY keyboard with touch-sensitive keys can be seen from the side of one of the folding screens.

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When fully folded, the rendering of this phone is very similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The bezel is very narrow and there is also a USB Type-C port. The rendering shows the perforated design of the front camera (depending on how you hold the phone) and the settings of the rear camera.

Galaxy Z fold 3 presents embedded 2 ukuk

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is said to have a sliding keyboard
Image source: LetsGoDigital

The renderings shared by LetsGoDigital show the rumored Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 in different use cases and form factors. The design of this phone seems very unique, but of course, these are renderings based on patents, not necessarily the final appearance of the phone. The report also mentioned that because Samsung obtained a patent earlier this month, the rumored phone will have an indicator light on its hinge.

As of now, Samsung has not shared any information on the rumored Galaxy Z Fold 3, and these pictures have not been released, so when it is officially released, the actual phone may look very different.

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