According to Sam Mobile, may have a 5G version Galaxy Z flip It is planned to be released later this year.Galaxy Z Achieved great success For Samsung, its first batch of equipment sold out quickly, and the South Korean giant needed to increase production to meet demand. Considering Z Flip's $ 1,380 price and seemingly niche appeal, all this is impressive. From a woman's perspective, Its compact size and exquisite design are particularly attractive to ladies.

Of course, this thin and design will sacrifice a lot, the main thing is the battery size. The original impressive 3300mAh battery of the phone must be divided into two small pieces, which are stored in the two halves of the phone. Although we still see an amazing 11 hours of battery life In our test, The addition of 5G may have a huge impact on this.

Now I know that using 5G on a mobile phone will not only increase its cost, but also Seriously affects battery lifeAs Lu Weibing, general manager of Xiaomi Redmi pointed out recently. In an article published on China's Weibo website Weibo, he revealed that 5G power consumption has reduced battery life by 20%, and the processor required by 5G has the same impact on battery life.

In any case, 5G is a popular feature in modern mobile , and Samsung is clearly determined to it as much as possible in mobile phones, 5G variants of even cheaper products Soon to be announced. E.g, Galaxy A51, The most recent budget price is about $ 283 Has passed 5G variant Wi-Fi certification. This shows that Samsung will not ignore their budget equipment and will even get a 5G version.

Whether Samsung will find a way to include 5G in the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip version sacrificing battery life, we will determine when and when it will be released. This is definitely an impressive achievement.

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