A report said that S21 may follow in the footsteps of Apple’s 12 , and there is no built-in and earphones. The South Korean company’s new move not only helps to reduce its environmental impact, but also provides a way to increase its profit margins, because it is said that there are no plans to modify the price of the Galaxy S21 model even with chargers and . . Not in the retail box.

SamMobile cited South Korean media reports that Samsung is considering abandoning the built-in charger and the bundled headphones in the Galaxy S21 retail box. The changes made are not limited to the regular Galaxy S21 models, but may be part of the Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The report also mentioned that there are rumors that Samsung can at least remove the bundled headset from the Galaxy S21 and ship the next-generation flagship phone only through the charger.

Samsung has not yet issued any official announcement on the Galaxy S21 and whether it will adopt Apple’s route and abandon the contents of its new phone next year. Despite this, Samsung’s media team still has a soft spot for Apple because it decided not to use the bundled charger and EarPods specifically for the iPhone 12 series.

The iPhone manufacturer initially hinted at its decision to exclude built-in accessories, and last month introduced Apple Series 6 and Apple Watch SE without AC adapter.

As early as July, Samsung reportedly planned to exclude the wall charger from the retail packaging of its smartphones starting next year. The report pointed out that due to 5G support and superior hardware, the rising cost of smartphones is the main reason for the new initiatives.

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It is said that Samsung will produce the Galaxy S21 series in markets such as Brazil, Indonesia, South Korea and Vietnam. The new flagship models may go into production later this year, and their release may take place in early January. Some renderings that initially showed the design of the Galaxy S21 series also began to appear online.

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