Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra screen replacement price unknown, Best Buy is not a repair option

Galaxy S20, S20 + and Ultra have the most feature-rich and exquisite displays ever produced by OLED technology pioneers. They are very bright, support a wide color gamut, and can be refreshed at up to 120Hz with support for smooth scrolling and gaming effects.
However, the phone is very fragile, with a large glass plate and pre-installed film screen protector Not only is it easier to scratch than glass, but as you see below, when the S20, S20 +, and Ultra displays hit the sidewalk from the height of a phone conversation, they don't really save them.
Although we can't emphasize enough that you should be careful, maybe Additional screen protector In order to protect your $ 999 to $ 1399 phone, unavoidable situations often occur.

The following are prices for or of Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 + and Ultra monitors that are out of warranty and without Samsung Care or similar insurance:

  • Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G: $ 279
  • Galaxy S20 + 5G: $ 259
  • Galaxy S20 5G: $ 239

Where to repair a Galaxy or iPhone during a Corona virus store shutdown and blockade quarantine

Last year, Apple extended its iPhone repair and replacement services to more than 1,000 locations at Best , and local stores often did not provide same-day repairs and services for Samsung Galaxy .

right now Actual location of Best Buy, Apple StoreAnd most Samsung centers are closed due to corona virus social distance requirements, and if you don't want to actually ship your phone to the manufacturer and want fast turnaround, you will get fewer repair options.
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"No in-store services currently available, including computer repairs, phone repairs, and automotive technology installations", Best Buy suggests.

Here's how to fix your iPhone and Galaxy or replace the screen when the corona virus is isolated and locked:

If you have to mail your iPhone or Galaxy to Apple or Samsung, here are the repair turnaround times and screen replacement prices you can expect:

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