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Samsung Galaxy S20 5G series suffers from high price, COVID-19


Pandemic COVID-19 Pandemic has suppressed the demand of all smartphones, no matter what the brand is, but the new Samsung Galaxy S20 According to the extensive survey conducted, the performed particularly poorly. Wave7 research [Via magnet].

U.S. customers are not satisfied with the increase

The vast majority of carrier store representatives contacted by Wave7 in the past month said that even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States severely, the S20 series still faced sales problems.

Samsung this year significantly increased the price of the entire product lineup, and completely skipped budget flagship products. Instead, it chose to discount the previous generation Galaxy S10 Series, it seems that American consumers are completely dissatisfied with these changes.

For reference, the retail prices of the 2019 Galaxy S10 models at the time of release are $ 749, $ 899 and $ 999 respectively. However, the latest Samsung Galaxy S20 product line starts at as high as $ 999, rising to $ 1199 and $ 1499 respectively.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 +, priced at $ 999, was the most popular flagship product last year. The information gathered indicates that buyers will stick to the same price in 2020. The survey concluded that the $ 999 Galaxy S20 is currently the most popular Samsung device in the United States.

The second is the $ 949 Galaxy 10 last summer, not the premium version. Galaxy S20 + Or Galaxy S20 Ultra. This is largely due to "some customers seem to resist the high-priced Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra."

The COVID-19 pandemic was also hit

As mentioned at the beginning, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has not completely relieved the Galaxy S20. After the pandemic, Wave7 said it conducted a survey of 48 dealers' daily renewal activities.

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A total of 37 respondents said that the number of activations of the new route has decreased. However, what is more worrying is that since the pandemic began to show impact, 17 of them have reported a decrease in activation by at least 50%.

Although Wave7 Research believes that this is because the nearby stores are closed and customers flock to it, a few stores are still open, but 7 of the representatives surveyed claimed that activation was actually increasing.

If this situation continues, the Samsung Galaxy S20 series may become the worst-selling Galaxy S flagship product in years. For Samsung, this will be a huge blow. Samsung has been declining profits in recent quarters.

This is not bad news for the Galaxy S20 series

However, there is some information. About 20% of shop representatives surveyed said that compared with the S10 series, sales of the S20 series have increased.

The report quoted a dealer as saying that the progress of the Galaxy S20 camera, including the 108-megapixel main camera and the Space Zoom equipped with the S20 Ultra, has attracted interest from customers this year.

Internationally, the Galaxy S20 Ultra may exceed sales expectations. source People close to the suppliers of 40-megapixel selfies and 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle cameras used on smartphones say production has increased recently.

This may mean that the demand for the Galaxy S20 Ultra has exceeded expectations. Despite ridiculously high prices, it is reported that flagship products have so far accounted for more than half of global Galaxy S20 series shipments.

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