Samsung is about to launch an to its foldable smartphone Galaxy , which will include many of the features of the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Samsung said it hopes to more users to use the foldable innovative products. From productivity features to camera experience, these features are different and will enhance the experience for Galaxy Fold users. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 was launched last month, while Galaxy Fold was launched more than a year ago.

As Samsung just announced the update, it may take a few days to be available on all Galaxy Fold devices worldwide.

New features of Samsung Galaxy Fold

“App Pair” allows users to launch up to three favorite apps at the same time in their preferred split-screen layout, which is one of the productivity features to be launched on the Galaxy Fold. This feature can be accessed through the edge panel. You can also arrange the “multi-active window” layout horizontally to gain greater flexibility during multitasking.

The update will also include Samsung DeX, which will enable users to connect to smart TVs wirelessly. connecting two devices, you can even use the device’s display as a touchpad to control the second display.

With the new camera function, Galaxy Fold will soon have an automatic viewfinder function, which can automatically zoom in or out according to the number of in front of the camera. It can also track movement to keep the subject centered. At the same time, “Capture View Mode” allows users to check photos while shooting. It displays up to 5 photos or videos and previews the next photo.

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With dual preview, both the photographer and the subject can see the preview of the image as it is on the phone’s case and internal display. This also applies to . You can also activate the rear camera to take selfies and take pictures with the high-resolution rear camera. Professional video mode now has more shooting functions (21:9 ratio and 24fps video) and auxiliary functions. At the same time, “ shot” allows you to capture up to 15 seconds of content to select the wonderful moments in photos and videos.

In the upcoming Galaxy Fold update, you will be able to directly share the connected Wi-Fi password with other Galaxy devices around you. You can also check the speed of nearby connections.

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