Samsung fixes Galaxy Buds audio and connectivity issues in latest update

Samsung wants to sell new products so badly Galaxy S20 It's for those who pre-order a lot of freebies. One of the freebies included with the Galaxy S20 pre-order is Samsung's new wireless headset Galaxy Buds +.

right now earplug Getting theirs First firmware update Addresses issues that affect the overall audio experience. be found Tizen helpThe update is now available in Korea and Germany, but it is safe to say that it will be available worldwide.

First, this update addresses background white noise issues and fixes pairing delays and many disconnections reported by Galaxy Buds + users. The change log also mentions that the update brings &;improved system stability and reliability", but there is no way to know what they are.

This is not a big update [1.2MB], but these changes are very welcome because they address some audio and connectivity issues, which is a very important aspect for headphones.

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By Rebecca French

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