samsung access

has launched a new subscription-based phone upgrade program for its flagship product, called Samsung Access. Currently, this new upgrade model is only available for the unlocked version Galaxy S20 A series of phones, but this time has more benefits than the company’s regular phone upgrade plan.

First, you will get 1TB of OneDrive storage and Microsoft 365 Personal (up to 5 devices) subscription, which includes access to productivity applications such as Word, Access, PowerPoint, etc. It is worth noting that you can also get Premium Care through the new upgrade plan, which means accidental damage compensation, 24×7 remote assistance and more service advantages.

That’s it Samsung Visit project:

  • You will get a S20 series phone and pay a monthly fee.
  • After 9 months, upgrade to the new flagship store and continue to pay monthly fees.
  • You can upgrade early by paying a $100 fee, or you can cancel prematurely to pay the equivalent fee. (Of course, cancellation means you must also the call.)

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