Samsung Access program launched for Galaxy S20 includes 1TB of cloud storage and Office 365
Such as XDA Developer Report, this is a version of the company Upgrade procedure. It will enable you to finance a new mobile phone at a predetermined amount every month. When a new Samsung phone comes out, you can automatically upgrade to it after 9 months without worrying about paying off the product you bought earlier. If you decide to replace your smartphone earlier, it will cost $ 100.
The monthly payment amount is $ 37 Galaxy S20 5G. The program also provides you with Premium Care device protection, 1TB OneDrive cloud storage for backing up media and documents, and Microsoft 365, which includes applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Skype, and Outlook.

Samsung’s Premium Care service can provide you with 24/7 remote technical support and setup assistance, and cover accidental damage. It also extends the warranty period to more than the standard 12 months.

No strings are attached, which means that all you need to do to end the subscription is to return the call. However, if you cancel your order within the first three months, you will need to pay $ 100. After three months, you can cancel for free.

The latest Galaxy S phones are considered too expensive and have adopted a new financing plan. Samsung is providing consumers with 1TB of cloud storage, Microsoft 365 and Premium Care decoys. If you register separately, all of will cost more. With the coming Galaxy Note 20 Among the phones expected to be launched in August, the company seems to be preparing for the upgrade.

By Rebecca French

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