Sales of Ring Fit Adventure in China grow rapidly due to corona virus outbreak


virus outbreak-formally known as COVID-19 – Already affected produce Nintendo Switch operates in China and forces certain gaming companies operating in the country delay Upcoming games, now reportedly linked to increased game sales Ring for adventure. Oh, and there is a huge shortage of popular fitness games around the .

You will see that as everyone in China has to isolate himself in his own house, the demand for Nintendo’s latest fitness game is increasing. On the downside, this sudden demand has led to massive shortages around the world, as Chinese dealers buy whatever stock they can get in large quantities and then sell them for much higher than the suggested price. Daniel Ahmad, senior analyst at Niko Partners, points to another factor-viral videos showing games.

If you want to know that the Adventures of HuanFei can still be played in China when China hasn’t officially released the Adventures of HuanFei, they can still import the game from outside the region and on their special Tencent Nintendo Switch play. However, switching models in other parts of the world Can’t Playing games from China.

Ring Fit Adventure is not the only Switch product affected by a corona virus outbreak. Earlier this week Reported Production of the Switch console with the theme of Animal in Japan has been affected, and reservations have been postponed to March 7. Nintendo’s original model system sales also took a hit in sales this week Japan Leaderboard.

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