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Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct Mini took 8 minutes to run, but did you know that Japanese videos played for more than 12 minutes? During this extra time, it added many other games, one of which happened to be the title of exquisite action, crafting and farming, Sakuna: Rice and Ruins.

Although not shown on Western radio, Nintendo’s Twitter account in the US has confirmed that it will be released on 10 this year-apparently it will be released in Europe on November 20. No reason was provided to exclude it from the local partner showcase.

As shown in the Japanese trailer (shown above), the game will be released with a special edition and a standard edition. This seems to be different from the “Holy Edition” product on the local XSEED Games website. Can book now.

Here is some information about the upcoming Switch , as well as from Nintendo website:

The two-person team developed by Edelweiss, the independent darling Asakbre (Asakbre: Of Rice and Ruin) behind the famous independent darling Astebride (Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin) will The horizontal scrolling action is combined with deep handcrafting and farming simulation. The player plays the role of Sakuna, a spoiled goddess of harvest, driven to a dangerous island by a group of wanderers. When she explores the beautiful and intimidating environment on the island, she will also find her home in a mountain village and prove her deserved title by harvesting rice and improving human life.

Does this look like your game? Do you like it better than any announcement in the West? Tell us below.


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