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Koei Tecmo Europe and developer Gust Studios announce sequel Ryza Studio: Darkness and Secret Hideout Will switch to Switch (and PS4 and Windows PC) in “this winter”.

Is described as a direct sequel, Ryza Studio 2: Lost Legends and Secret Fairies According to the official PR of the game, he believes that Ryza returns to the protagonist, which is the first character in the history of the -running RPG studio studio series, and the character the hero twice in a row. Check out the Japanese trailer above for the combat system, a few environments and other details.

Although the game was not shown in the Western showroom, it was Japan Radio, About four minutes later than the time in Western countries. One Promotion website The live broadcast of the game during the live broadcast will be announced on July 29, 2020 in more details.

Here are some screenshots we took from the presentation:

How many studio games have you mastered? Looking forward to this one? Let us know below.


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