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Mark Hamill is Talented actor in live action and animated film. His career dates back decades, and has been Batman: Murder Joke, Robotech: Chronicle of Shadows, Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Kingsman: Secret Service with Adventure timeLet alone such as Knight: Father's Sins, Wing Commander with Kingdom Hearts III.

However, despite this huge Hamill is always known for playing a role: Luke Skywalker comes from Star wars.

Still, he is doing his best to increase his already enviable workload-and, We got covered Can believe that he will soon join the cast Season 2 of Netflix wizard seriesIn the role of Vesemir, one of the wizards responsible for training Geralt, the main character in the series.

As far as Hamill is concerned, his role has always been a favorite, and jokingly expressed his interest last year:

As we all know, the second season of the show will focus on novels Elven BloodVesemir played an important role in that book, helping Geralt train Ciri in Kaer Morhen. Interestingly, Hamill's entertaining talent can be used for A confirmed wizarding derivative workFocus only on Wismere's character.

Netflix hasn't formally commented on this report, so it's inconclusive at this time, but we can't think of anyone better suited for this role-especially in Hamill's recent Star Wars movie Poor performance and his TV series Advent of knights.

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