Rumor: Leaker Shares New Information About The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2

It's been a while since Nintendo's public sequel The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in development. Although there are no official updates, there are currently some rumors that have made headlines on the Internet.

The one person who seemed to be getting attention was the Twitch team from Tyler McVicker, who runs Valve News Network YouTube channels, often associated with the "news and leaks" of Valve's upcoming projects, but also Nintendo Channel on the side. He also has a solid track record of previously discovering recently published Half-Life: Alyx A year before the rumors started online.

However, he has reportedly been sharing information about Nintendo's highly anticipated sequel to Wilderness recently. Here is the full summary of the game leaks and rumors Subreddit:

Unlike the first part, the game will be linear at the beginning. Normally, Link already knows Hairuer, so it does n’t make sense to climb the tower .

Instead, the developer showed the world a transliterated version of Gaon, and it was impossible to move around Hyrule until the infection was cleared one by one

In this respect, these locations are much deeper than the original locations. At the very least, McVicker hinted at the emergence of dungeon, by a game that is very knowledgeable about the spread of dungeon in the open world.

Overall, when designing the world of Breath of the Wild, developers were inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2 [officially known] and another unknown game

Based on what we saw in the original trailer, this sequel certainly sounds reasonable. We are sure that many fans also want to see the resurrection of the dungeon, which has been the main content of the series for the past few years.

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What do you think of this rumor? Can you see the dungeons return, and Link has to clear Hyrule's Gaon variant? Share your thoughts below.

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