Rocky -Marvel Pictures’ first ongoing TV series ended its first season of six episodes on Wednesday-bringing many big surprises to the audience. Spoilers ahead. For its title role, the God of Mischief (Tom Hiddleston), the most meaningful of which is to meet Sylvie (Sofia Di Martino) and fall in love, he is another variation of reality.This can be a pathological, distorted romantic interest, as Rocky’s new friend (now an ex?) best friend and time detective Mobius (Owen Wilson) put it Rocky Episode 4, but it’s also suitable to some extent. A narcissist as big as Loki can only be fascinated by himself. A god who cannot see through his own grandiose self will only realize in his own mirror that there is more in the universe.

The latter one was activated by another major new character Rocky: Kang the Conqueror (Jonathan Majors). Well, technically speaking, he is a variant of Kang. He ended all the business of conquering, ended the multiverse war with the help of the Ziyun entity Alioth, established the jet lag administration, and established the timeline. .It’s Kang-through a series of (unending) monologues Rocky Episode 6-The final dialogue with Loki makes him realize that if he doesn’t want to fall into an endless cycle of pain and destruction, he must desire more. By the end of the season, Rocky had changed. He changed from hating TVA, who decided everything, to becoming a willing ally for this cause.

This is both a new story and an old story for Rocky.In the of the Thor family legend-it was in 2011 Thor, Thor in 2013: The Dark World and Thor in 2017: Ragnarok-the god of mischief to admire and take care of his lightning brothers. He risked his life in the Avengers: Infinity War and paid the ultimate price.Yes, self-protection is also part of the equation, but it’s easy to imagine the early Rocky Actually Swear allegiance to Thanos (played by Josh Brolin).Rocky at Rocky Given that Marvel selected this variant from the 2012 Avengers, he has not personally experienced this problem, but he did understand his mistakes and failures through a series of TVA tapes.As Mobius said Rocky In the first episode, his existence is to allow others to achieve the best of themselves.

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Sofia Di Martino as Sylvie and Tom Hiddleston as Rocky Rocky
Image Credit: Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios

Perhaps this is what Loki remembers here, and why he came to take care of Sylvie-again, it does stem from self-protection (to save yourself from TVA) and grand plans (to overthrow the guardian of time), but in the end it is understanding After the pain and the trauma of her life, Loki began to fight for Sylvie. “I just hope you are okay,” he said, in Rocky The first season finale. But Loki’s love also made him turn a blind eye to Sylvie’s faith, making him mistakenly believe that he could prevent her from fulfilling her life’s mission. They may be alike, or even the same person from different realities, but they are definitely not the same person. “But I’m not you,” Sylvie said the same in response to Loki’s request. Rocky Not only the journey of Loki, but also the journey of Sylvie. It was her behavior that laid the foundation for the future of other places.

This brings us to a larger purpose-of course there is one, after all, this is Marvel’s property- Rocky The first season: Multiverse. After running on the same timeline for more than ten years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe now spans different dimensions and parallel universes. Rocky Not the first to play with this idea. We did a fake in the 2019 Spider-Man: Far From Home, where Jack Gyllenhaal’s villain claimed to be from a different earth (but he was lying), and a red herring in Wanda Mirage, Among them, X-Men fans think that Evan Peters is playing fast silver, but Marvel is just deceiving us. Rocky Is the first person to truly do this. Before the premiere, Rocky Lead screenwriter Michael Waldron said that this will have a “broad impact” on the entire MCU-well, here we are.

RockyLater this year, the three sequels “Spider-Man: No Way Home” led by Tom Holland will feel its influence for the first time later this year. The film will be released in cinemas on December 17. We already know that Alfred Molina’s “Spider-Man 2” villain Doctor Octopus and Jamie Foxx’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” villain Electro in this movie Play a role in. The report also said that the Dutch Spider-Man predecessors Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield will return together-although everyone involved said this will not happen.Either way, these are the three different eras of Spider-Man movies colliding, all thanks to RockyIt is said that Dr. Strange from Benedict Cumberbatch is also involved, succeeding Tony Stark/Iron Man as the mentor of Peter Parker in the Netherlands. No Way Home’s promotional activities with more or less confirmed this.

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Spider-Man 3 Dunster Garfield Morina Maguire Stone Spider-Man has nowhere to go

Kirsten Dunst, Andrew Garfield, Alfred Molina, Toby Maguire and Emma Stone
Image source: Marvel/Sony, Jaimie Trueblood/Melissa Moseley/Columbia Pictures. Illustration: Akhil Arora/TechnologyShout

Next, we have a big one.Literally means Doctor Strange in the title Multiverse “Crazy” will be released in March 2022. In addition to Cumberbatch (obviously), the sequel to Doctor Strange also features Elizabeth Olsen as the leading role, while Hiddleston is starred in an unknown identity.As I pointed out in my WandaVision series review in March, these are two different series (WandaVision and Rocky) And a movie sequel (Spider-Man: Nowhere to Go) are playing another sequel. About a year later, in February 2023, Majors will return as Kang the Conqueror (or one of his variants), with Paul Rudd and Evangee in “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Madness” Lynn Lily fights.Naturally, we can expect more multiverse chaos in the confirmed but undated circumstances Rocky Season 2.

All this is pretty wild. But thankfully, Rocky Not that obsessed with the future of the MCU (although it must be largely due to the past, Loki is literally an old movie). In fact, it has nothing to do with it to a large extent. Because of its retro-futuristic “Madman” encounters the atmosphere of Blade Runner, which inspired the design aesthetics of TVA and everything else, as well as Natalie Holt’s background music dominated by Tremin, it is completely different from Marvel movies. Rocky Carve an identity for yourself. It is not afraid to be weird, although its swing cannot be compared with WandaVision’s boldness. after all, Rocky Episode 5 brought Loki the Crocodile and Thor the Frog (Chris Hemsworth voiced him). The only thing I miss is that Mobius is on a motorboat, and I will never forgive Marvel.

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Speaking of Mobius, Rocky Because Wilson and Hiddleston are very worth seeing, they can successfully complete the early blockbuster dramas. Due to the appearance of the Majors screen, the ending of Season 1 works in a similar way. If the performance is not so good, the Marvel series will be a complete failure. Their characters also instant connection, and throughout the season, this connection develops from a place of total distrust to a meaningful friendship. Unfortunately, it was reset when entering Season 2, and Loki eventually entered a universe where Mobius didn’t even recognize him.At the same time, Marvel repeatedly made Mobius’s serious mistakes and killed him and Rocky. Rocky The 4th episode before their death is reversed at the end of the episode.

Rocky Season 1 Owen Wilson Tom Hiddleston Rocky Season 1 Review

Owen Wilson as Mobius and Tom Hiddleston as Rocky Rocky
Image Credit: Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios

How many times does Marvel plan to squeeze fan emotions by killing Hiddleston?It happened three Now times. Death has always been a joke in the MCU. The character escaped miraculously. They it. They forged it. Or they come back from the omnipotent glove. For Loki, given that his arc is over emotionally and narratively, Marvel simply chose his early version.versus Rocky, It was hit for the second time in his journey. The long-running of the MCU and the fan’s favorite villain continue to linger, and will continue for at least a few more years (for Rocky Season 2). I have no complaints.Hiddleston is a constant joy, and Rocky One person gave him more than four hours, which is several times as much as three hours. Thor The entry is put together with the Avengers. I just hope they don’t let us fall into such a frustrating suspense.

All six episodes Rocky Now playing on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar.