Rockstar Games, creator of iconic titles such as the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series and Red Dead Redemption, has updated its policy after years of silence on role-playing servers and mods. In a new policy update, Rockstar prohibits the use of encrypted assets such as cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to create new content such as games, stories, quests or maps, to generate income from sponsorships, and more. While acknowledging the rich community-created experience in its games, Rockstar is removing key elements of its games, reportedly banning users and modders under an updated policy.

The new are specifically for roleplaying servers. Think of them as spinoffs of the original GTA 5 created by someone not Rockstar Games, fans and developers. They expand gameplay beyond what players can do in the standard game by allowing players to assume the role of normally non-playable characters, such as police officers, judges, or taxi drivers.

The company emphasized that it still supports the servers despite the new restrictions. It also prohibits importing or misusing other IP in projects, including other Rockstar IP, real-world brands, characters, trademarks, or music; making new games, stories, quests, or maps.

“Rockstar Games has always believed in legitimate fan creativity and wants creators to demonstrate their passion for our games. Third-party ‘roleplaying’ servers are an extension of the rich community-created experience in Grand Theft Auto, which we hope will continue for many years to come Years will thrive in a safe and friendly manner,” the company said.

Servers like NoPixel, Twitch RP, and Eclipse RP are some of the most popular. They make GTA V one of the most streamed and viewed categories on Twitch, the Amazon-dominated streaming platform.

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While traditional modding frameworks and modders have embraced the updated policy, crypto-centric RPG servers have yet to make a statement. NFT-powered GTA V RPG servers like MyMeta and OTF game Will be some of the projects that are reported to be affected.

OTF Gaming has partnered with renowned hip-hop artist Lil Durk to release the Trenches All-Access Pass NFT collection. Presumably, the collection will give users access to custom GTA RP servers, loot boxes, new artists for radio stations, and more.

However, in accordance with the policy, the gaming collective has ceased all operations on its servers. Servers are down Sunday until further notice.

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