Versus For and against Apples no charger in the box plan

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In the past few days, the technology world is sweeping through a storm. It started with innocent rumors. There are rumors that Apple plans Comes with iPhone 12 without headphones and charger. As with almost everything related to Apple, technology enthusiasts quickly divided themselves into two camps: those who agreed with this decision and those who opposed it (assuming the rumor proved to be correct). This is why we decided to express two views in the latest Versus. So, what do representatives of each of our camps have to say about tokens? Find out below!


Apple may not include a in the iPhone 12 box…this is great for me! Regardless of the , I don’t care if I throw them in. Smartphones have been around for ten years, and it is likely that you have accumulated a large number of wall-mounted chargers and a large number of USB and lighting cables. Have you put them in school bags, , drawers or drawers? If you are an enthusiastic technology enthusiast, you may have upgraded to a powerful wireless charger by the bedside a long time ago, almost no longer troubled by old-fashioned wires and chargers. Can you agree with that stereotype? Because of course I can. Do I really need another charging brick and lightning cable? Absolutely not.

Moreover, I would rather not have a charging brick, rather than get the same old and useless 5W charger as the old battery. iPhone 11 frame. If you want to buy any version of iPhone 12, you can definitely use a faster charger sold separately. Compared to the humble 5W bricks that rely on Apple’s original iPhone 12 box, it makes more sense to buy a faster charger that is used separately.

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The last reason is a trivial but important reason: eco-friendly. I am not a super environmentally conscious person, but I strive to reduce my contribution to avoidable pollution, and avoiding electronic waste is a small but wise step.


Peter is short, but what I want to say is the feast of the entire charger.

“No one uses the included charger” parameter

One of the main reasons why the idea of ​​no charger in the box is easily swallowed is that the charger included in the Apple box is not very good. In addition to last year’s Pro models, the iPhone has been equipped with a weak 5W charger for many years, although these phones themselves fast charging, which a powerful charger.

This is just a slap in the face of iPhone users. If you buy a better charger, Apple will cost a few dollars. Motorola phones that cost less than $300 are equipped with a 15W charger, but can’t Apple afford to include an 18W charger in its $700 iPhone box? please.

Naturally, many people have completely ignored the provided iPhone chargers and chose to use chargers they purchased separately or from other . But many people are still waiting for several hours to charge the iPhone, because the 5W charger is their only charger, and may not even realize that they can have a better experience with others.

In order to solve this problem, Apple has created its own product, which will completely remove the charger, allowing users to find better solutions by themselves. Of course, Apple is also happy to provide solutions: wireless chargers and powerful wired chargers, all of which carry the appropriate Apple price tag.

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Waste argument

Admittedly, this is a stronger argument, but it is closely related to what I have already talked about. Let me explain what I mean. The charger is very durable. Unless you actively try to break them, they may work perfectly for the life of the phone. They are also very common these days, you can use them to charge various devices. It is always good to carry a charger with you, one on the sofa, one by the bed, and one at work. I have never heard of anyone complaining about too many chargers.

however. This is only valid for the charger you are actually using. And as we clearly pointed out, most iPhone chargers are not that useful. Apple sells millions of iPhones every year. So, after pushing the slow charger into people’s hands for many years, it now decides that since they will be discarded, it can also save some money and space and skip them altogether.

I have no doubt that reducing manufacturing costs and shipping smaller iPhone cases will ultimately save a lot of resources. However, it seems that this has become an important issue when the solution also makes it easy for Apple to make money in the process. Speaking of money…

Greedy argument

Although Apple likes to portray itself as a very green company, and has indeed achieved a lot in this regard, it still has shareholders to answer, and these people usually do not care about the environment. They like to see record profits and high stock prices.

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Rumors also initially indicated that Apple will have a new 20W charger, which will be sold separately to chargers that do not have drawers at home. There is no price yet, but no doubt its cost will be several times higher than its production cost.

A new set of “cheap” AirPods There are also rumors that it will be available soon, and even the infamous AirPower may eventually show up. All three products are designed to fill the gap created by Apple, thereby improving its profitability in the process.

Wrong example parameter

Perhaps the most worrying thing is what happens next. Other companies saw that the decision to remove the charger might not hurt Apple, and decided to do so. In other words: Headphone jack out part 2: Charger bye.

There is a big difference between Apple saving you a 5W charger and OnePlus’ decision not to include its excellent 30W Warp charger. Yes, companies should be blamed for following Apple, but I blame it on Apple because they showed them how to extract extra money from customers.