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Accenture Chief Technology Officer Paul Daugherty

Accenture Chief Technology Officer Paul Daugherty holds a small drone to illustrate the pace of technological change.

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For years, Accenture has been advancing technology, such as artificial intelligence with Big Data As a tool for big business success. Now the global consulting firm says businesses must protect consumers privacy Accenture has long advocated if they don't want to be hit by growing opposition to the technology.

Businesses must ensure that the ability to mine personal data to discover the technologies we may buy does not undermine the trust consumers need to adopt new products and services that will be deeply rooted in our lives. Without trust, people will not let the company deliver packages directly to homes or rely on the company's Self-driving carAccenture Chief Technology Officer Paul Daugherty said.

"Trust is the ultimate currency of the digital economy," Daugherty said at a news conference on Tuesday. "This will distinguish between winners and losers."

Daugherty's comments form the foundation of Accenture Latest Annual Technology Outlook ReportGiven the role of companies in the global business community, these are essential. This consulting company is a megalith with 505,000 employees worldwide, $ 43 billion in revenue in 2019Advised 91 of the 100 companies worldwide. It has long advocated the use of technology to drive business performance and ensure shareholder satisfaction.

It's unclear how much corporate punishment will be imposed if Accenture's advice is not followed. Despite issues such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook, which has profited from personal information to target ads, is still booming. You may not like Amazon and Google to spy on what you do, but services make life easier. Moreover, many companies are not despised by the public because their business has nothing to do with consumers, although it still affects them. E.g, Clearview AI Make facial recognition technology possible End anonymity in public.

Technology conflict and technology conflict

A kind of ”Technical shock"-Strong opposition to technology companies- Data breach,Invasion of privacy, misinformation, Constant phone notifications, identity theft, election manipulation, Robot phone, Online hostility and work are lost due to automation.

Accenture provides a variant of "technical conflict" in its report to indicate the fundamental conflict that may exist between business success and customer expectations. A key example of this "conflict" is privacy.

An Accenture survey concluded that privacy now matches computer security and is a matter of public concern.

An Accenture survey concluded that privacy now matches computer security and is a matter of public concern.


"Customers are increasingly eager to get more information on how to use data, and many companies lack mechanisms to provide this information," the report said. Customers don't like this, which is why we see regulations like the European Union General Data Protection Regulation And newer California Consumer Privacy Act.

Companies often suffer significant privacy violations and data breaches. But the public is increasingly worried that Accenture sees privacy regulations as key to moving the company in the right direction.

"We do need more consistent and stronger privacy regulations to address key principles," Daughterty said. For example, you have the right to know what private information companies know about you and how they handle that information, and you have the right to let the company change or Delete the message.

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