2020 audi r8 v10 rwd coupe spyder 027

For Audi R8Is the problem still or not? Hold on, we mean. Audi Mid-engine shocks the world Supercar When it appeared on the scene 11 years ago. But recently rumor Suggestion Audi Will make the model sunset after the current generation, Will be replaced by the all-electric model, which is part of the inevitable development in more directions Electric car. a new one Report in the UK Top grade magazineHowever, R8 Can see the third generation alive and will do it Hybrid Instead of electric powertrain.

Top grade Talk Oliver Hoffman, Managing Director of Audi Sports. Huffman said that "the technology and platform for the next generation of R8" is still uncertain. But the fact that he is even talking about the next generation of R8 seems worth noting. He went on to say that "because it will be a car with electrified parts" due to global regulations. But due to Audi's customer competition program requirements, it may be a rather than an electric car. R8 is sold in GT3 and GT4 Motorsport Huffman said, "In the future we must meet this demand."

If R8 continues, it will be an interesting thing, and the car eventually becomes a reason for road racing. But it is also possible that Audi thinks the upcoming performance electric vehicle segment Electronic Dragon GT.

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