Running a small business seems challenging – especially if this is your first time doing it. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration, as things become overwhelming. While it’s true that it can be rewarding most of the time, it also comes with multiple challenges. One of the most common challenges small entrepreneurs encounter would be utilizing the right tools to save time and money. While these tools may generally vary depending on the of business you run, one of the most common and essential tools is having a realtime chat feature on your website or mobile app.

A live chat feature gives small businesses the edge, allowing them to provide better customer service in realtime. There are now different platforms and integrations, making it easier to integrate live chat to your site. If you don’t have one yet, this should be your top priority for your business. To make it easier for you to get things up and running, here are some tips on how you can utilize a realtime chat feature for your small business.

1. Add A Realtime Chat Button On Your Main

Some integrate a live chat button on all their pages. While this is ideal, if you’re starting, go a guide to working of a chat application. It’s best that you test the waters and publish the button on your home page and contact us page. Make sure that it’s appropriately placed, making it easier for customers to see. This becomes an edge for your starting business because studies suggest that the majority of paying customers want to receive a response in 10 minutes or less. Phone support and e-mail support channels might be okay, but if you’re going to offer a better customer service experience, having a live chat support feature is nice too.

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2. Train Your Agents

Customer service skills play an essential role. If you’re doing this yourself, you have to know the basics of dealing with inquiries. Paying customers or not, they needed to be treated with utmost care. You have to show that you value them genuinely. If hiring an agent, make sure they have extensive customer service experience because these people will be your business’ frontline. Making a good impression is important in any business, and you can take advantage of it by providing excellent service from your realtime chat feature.

3. Take Advantage Of Canned Responses

Depending on the live chat platform you use, canned responses have been an integral part of any chat system. This will make it easier for you to provide answers to commonly asked questions. Customers may be a preliminary set of questions that they can answer and receive answers based on their inquiries. These can be easily done from the platform, helping you save time while providing customers the solutions they’re looking for.

4. Use This Feature To Upsell

Many customers would want to speak with someone because they have questions about the product. Take this opportunity to upsell, find out what customers need, and provide perfect products for them. This is what the majority of large businesses do, and small businesses can do the same!

Realtime chat applications make it a perfect marketing tool. Why? Customers are already interested in your products or services – and you just needed to make that tiny push to convert them and make that purchase. This is another great opportunity to improve customer service and make sure that your customers are happy with your company. If they get products or services perfectly fit for them, they might come back or even spread the word to their peers.

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5. Use Analytics To Make

Some platforms let you know which pages they came from before they’ve reached the chat button. Take this as an opportunity to analyze your website’s traffic, where they came from, what urged them to click that button. Take this information to improve your website. Go through chat logs and check the common problems or inquiries customers have. This will give you an idea of which areas your business needs improvement in. Realtime chat is more than just being able to provide customers, someone they can talk to instantly. Business owners can also use this to their advantage to provide better products and services based on the recent chat logs and data from analytics.

6. Enable Sending Files To And From Customer

Some businesses may require photos or files from customers when resolving a problem. Make sure that when you integrate a live chat feature, choose a platform that allows the uploading of files. This way, everything can be resolved from the single chat, boosting customer satisfaction and resolving everything that needs to be done from then and there.

Real time chat plays a crucial role in every business – especially small businesses. This is your edge and should be taken advantage of. Following these six simple ways will help you make the most out of this feature, helping your small business boom and provide exceptional service to your customers at the same time.