Razer introduced a concept called ProjectHazel at CES 2021. ProjectHazel is an N95 mask designed to have active ventilation and automatic disinfection. It will have a low-light mode, which includes indoor lights that turn on automatically when dark. The mask has a transparent design that allows others to see your face when talking, and it has a built-in microphone and amplifier combination. Razer also Brooklyn, a concept gaming with a 60-inch expandable .

These projects were launched by Razer at CES 2021. Due to the continuing pandemic, the project has been virtualized this year and will continue until January 14. Innovative concept in the table.

Project Hazel Smart Mask Function

Razer said that the Hazel project is a prototype for “the smartest mask ever.” It focuses on five key areas-safety, sociality, sustainability, comfort and personalization. The smart mask comes with a wireless box lined with ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and viruses while the mask is charging. It also changes from red to green to indicate the battery level.

The built-in microphone and amplifier ensure that your speech will not be covered up when you open the smart mask. The Hazel Project provides 16.8 million colors and effects, and two customizable lighting areas with Razer Chroma RGB lighting. It can be customized to suit your face shape.

The Hazel project has an active ventilation function. Lei Ze said that this kind of ventilation can introduce cool air, release the heat generated by exhalation, and also prevent the accumulation of carbon dioxide. A silicone shield sits around your face to prevent air leakage. According to Razer, the mask itself does not touch or stay on your face. The smart mask is made of recycled plastic and is waterproof and scratch-resistant. It has replaceable filters and ventilators.

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Brooklyn plan gaming chair

Project Brooklyn is a concept gaming chair with a 60-inch expandable OLED display. Razer said that the design of the chair aims to “redefine the meaning of complete immersion.” The company describes it as a gaming chair that can be transformed into a fully functional entertainment platform that provides next-generation immersion for PC and console games.

Brooklyn plans to have a transformable table for PC and console games

The 60-inch unfolding OLED display is mounted on the back and can be placed in the front at the push of a button. The chair is equipped with a compact table that can be tucked into its 4D armrest. It allows you to easily switch between console games and PC games via mouse and keyboard. Brooklyn plans to use Razer Hypersense technology to provide near zero latency. It is powered by Razer Chroma RGB lighting and can be personalized from the 16.8 million colors available.

According to the company, the leather-stitched seat of Project Brooklyn has cushions to support your unique figure. The seats are supported by a sturdy carbon fiber body designed to ensure perfect posture throughout the game marathon.

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