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Recent moment Animal Crossing: New Horizons Note that, in general, social media and the Internet seem to be unable to stop talking about the creepy sight of the 22-minute mark. Yes, there is clearly trouble in Heaven, and some fans are now worried that a perhaps well-known character in the series may eventually be eliminated.

The obvious one is Tortimer. He is old and retired-so how long can he live? Then came the turnip seller Joan, who seemed to have been replaced by Daisy Mae. Of course, it be ElfOr just weird themed items that are placed outside.

Although death is not directly involved in the Animal Crossing series, one character believed to have died is Frarad. This pleated neck lizard appeared on Animal Transit: Urban Folklore In the following games Animals step over new leavesDr. Shrunk mentioned how much he missed him.

However, with enough theory, here is what social media thinks of this latest game targeting:

Is this grave just outdoor furniture or something else? Share your own theory below.

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