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‘S discovery SNES PlayStation A shockwave was sent through the gaming community 2015. The cooperation between Sony and Nintendo aims to face the challenge CD-based systems, such as Mega CD and TurboDuo, but never released; Nintendo notoriously left Sony on the altar, and signed an agreement with competitor Philips (Nintendo eventually led to a lot of fate A few games Philips CD).

Despite the failure of the adventure, the prototype SNES PlayStations Yes Made by Sony and discovered in 2015 USD 360,000. For a system without too many unique software, this is a big change, so gamer_lafan / LASTFANTASY Created your own project. He can even print custom spine artwork for the game. View his copy The King of Fighters 98.


By Rebecca French

Rebecca French writes books about Technology and smartwatches. Her books have received starred reviews in Technology Shout, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and Booklist. She is a New York Times and a USA Today Bestseller...