According to reports, the American multinational company Qualcomm (Qualcomm) was previously developing a branded gaming smartphone, and now it is reported that it will develop its own handheld gaming console, which will be driven by the upcoming Android 12.

According to a report by Android Police, this portable game console will be very similar to the Nintendo Switch, but it will run on Android and be equipped with a Snapdragon chipset. The source stated that it had viewed the non-final images of the device but decided not to share them.

In short, Qualcomm’s portable game console should resemble a thicker smartphone, with detachable controllers on the left and right sides.

Sources familiar with Qualcomm’s plan further stated that the San Diego chip company plans to use 6000mAh batteries to support its Quick Charge technology. Although the size is not yet available, if the above information is needed, it could be an improved smartphone with a higher display.

Fortunately, it will provide the same options as advanced phones, such as a display output and SD card reader for future storage expansion. The device will also run Android 12 with a custom launcher, and yes, users will be able to download apps and services supported by Google Play.

Since Qualcomm’s goal is to launch a portable game console as early as the first quarter of 2022, it can be expected that the successor to Snapdragon 888 will become part of the insider game. It is also believed that this silicon can run at higher clock speeds because the thickness of the device will allow Qualcomm to use a more powerful cooler.

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In addition, it will be equipped with an older Snapdragon 5G modem, allowing users to connect wirelessly with other players. However, it is not clear whether Qualcomm intends to provide the public with a variant that only supports Wi-Fi.

The target price is US$300 and it is expected to provide sales to customers. At the same time, Qualcomm hopes that US operators will display future products on their shelves to encourage more sales. In short, we should expect Qualcomm to have a more functional gaming smartphone, which includes all additional features and core components.

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