PUBG: According to the developer Krafton, New State has updated new measures that will improve the detection of hackers in order to strengthen its anti-cheating measures. Mandatory updates have been launched for Android and iOS users. The number of recently released battle royale game software has increased to use the game to gain an unfair advantage over other users, which may be frustrating for ordinary gamers. Krafton also announced that more updates will be released next week to identify and restrict these programs.

Krafton explained in a blog post that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: NSW underwent a period of maintenance on November 23 to apply the latest updates, which brought real-time detection of “unauthorized third-party programs” Enhancement measures. “We found that during the weekend of November 20-22, the use of unauthorized third-party programs increased dramatically,” the developer said, adding that as the anti-cheat system improves, there will be more updates. These third-party programs are designed to provide players with excellent gaming capabilities at the expense of ordinary players.

According to Krafton, potential weaknesses in the game that may provide hackers with the necessary vulnerabilities to exploit the game have also been patched as part of the update. This should help reduce the ways in which improper advantages are used in the game, thereby reducing the frustration of gamers in the process. PUBG: Many recent comments on the New State Facebook page complaints about hackers affecting the game, which has been downloaded more than 10 million times in the Google Play store. Krafton said it has increased strict restrictions on players who use these cheats.

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Previous reports have shown that some of the anti-cheating methods used by Krafton blocking game players who have enabled the developer option, or players who access the game through the emulator. At the same time, Android users must update on November 23. Those who have not enabled automatic updates on Google Play will be redirected to the game’s list if it is out of date. On the App Store, the game has been updated to version 0.9.19, and “Service Stable” is listed in the update log.

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