PUBG: New State is getting an update to strengthen the anti-cheat measures in Krafton’s new Battle Royale game. The update is currently being rolled out for players on Android, and the developer mentioned that players on iOS will also get the update soon. If the latest update is not installed on their device, players will not be able to play PUBG: New State. As part of this update, Krafton also announced special compensation for players.

a blog post, Krafton announced that PUBG: New State will not work on Android devices unless the player updates the game. If not updated, the game will redirect the player to the Google Play Store or Galaxy Store. As a reward for obtaining this update, players will receive three chicken medals. It’s worth noting that players on iOS (or the game calls them survivors) will receive the update soon, as it is currently in progress.

This update is the first of multiple updates that PUB: New State will implement to strengthen anti-fraud measures. These measures are aimed at identifying and reducing cheating methods used by players. If players are found to use unethical methods or hacking while playing games, they also risk being banned.

PUBG: New State was launched on November 11 and is available for Android, iOS and iPadOS devices in about 200 countries/regions including India. It is the latest work of the PUBG franchise. It is said that it brings the next generation of battle royale experience, 100 players will use different weapons and strategies to fight.

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Within a week after its launch, PUBG: New State had 10 million downloads in the Google Play store. The latest PUBG game-set in the future-has updated graphics, new Troi maps, and new vehicles.

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