PUBG: According to developer Krafton, New State has been updated with new measures will improve detection of hackers to strengthen its anti-cheat measures. Forced rolling out for Android and iOS users. In a recently released battle royale game, there has been an increase in the software used to exploit the game to gain an unfair advantage over other users, which can be frustrating for the average gamer. Krafton also announced more updates will be released next week to identify and limit these programs.

In a blog post, Crafton explained PUBG: NSW underwent a brief maintenance on November 23 to apply the latest update, which brought enhancements to detect “unauthorized third-party programs” in real time . “We saw a dramatic increase in the use of unauthorized 3rd party programs during the weekend of November 20-22,” the developer said, adding that more will follow as the anti-cheat system improves. These third-party programs designed to provide players with superior gaming capabilities at the expense of the average gamer.

According to Krafton, potential weaknesses in the game could provide hackers with the necessary holes to exploit the game have also been patched as part of the update. This should help reduce the avenues for gaining an undue advantage in the game, thereby reducing gamer frustration in the process. Many of the recent reviews posted on the PUBG: New State page include complaints about hackers affecting the game, which has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Krafton said it added strict restrictions on players using these cheats.

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Previous reports have suggested some of the anti-cheat methods Krafton uses include blocking gamers with developer options enabled, or players accessing the game through an emulator. Meanwhile, the November 23 update is mandatory for Android users. Those who do not have auto-update enabled on Google Play will be redirected to the game listing if the game expires. On the App Store, the game has been updated to version 0.9.19, with “Service Stable” listed in the changelog.

By Rebecca French

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