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Mobile has acquired upgradeable for the first time with its new Pharoah X-Suit. The latest update with Secret has been added to the new equipment. Golden Pharoah X-Suit has many forms, and combines historical elements and future technology. According to the official PUBG website, it can be upgraded to switch appearance, with three forms: basic, advanced and final. The Ancient Secret game was broadcast live in PUBG Mobile, and brought some new functions and modes.

PUBG phone Tweet The Golden Pharoah X-Suit is the first upgradeable suit in the game, which may mean more. The Golden Pharoah X-Suit is part of the Ancient Secret game mode, which adds temples to the Erangel and Miramar maps. These temples float in the sky after a certain period of time and then disappear. This suit can be obtained by opening the crate during the current ongoing event of PUBG Mobile and the lucky draw that lasts until September 11.

This set of equipment is in a basic form and can be upgraded aesthetically using specific tokens called Starfore Stone and Star Fragments. There are three forms-1 star, 3 star and 6 star-interact with teammates, victory broadcast and “Shock and Awe” to unlock together. The final form of the Golden Pharoah X-Suit is a cloak design, including wings, snake print shoulders, wigs and beards, and a stronger chest. In addition, when a player wearing this suit dies during a match, the suit will not fall to the ground, which means that other players cannot pick it up.

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PUBG Mobile also shared a video on its official website, which shows various unlocked content.

Golden Pharoah X-Suit comes with an exclusive reward, which can be obtained by opening the Pharoah crate before August 13th. This is part of the Ancient Secret mode. As mentioned earlier, a floating temple has been added to the game, giving players a chance to obtain epic loot. There are many puzzles distributed on these two maps, and you can get higher rewards by solving them. In addition, there are the mystery of slate and the battle of new bosses in the floating temple.

PUBG mobile also adds a “team shootout” mode, which is open from Friday to Sunday. This is a 4v4 indoor game on the map of the new library. In this mode, each kill will upgrade the gun, and the last weapon is the pot. Use the pan to kill the player of the opposing team, or the team with a higher score when the time expires wins.

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