PUBG: The game’s official Twitter account shares information. Since its announcement, the number of registered New State in the Google Play Store has exceeded 10 million. This mobile game is considered the successor to one of the most popular battle royale games of all time. PUBG Mobile was released in February this year and can be pre-registered on two Google Plays thereafter. PUBG: As the company is working on the first re-release of PUBG Mobile in the country, it has not yet provided new state pre- in India.

PUBG Mobile ushered in a new of battle royale titles on mobile platforms. Over the past three years (on a global scale) playable games have attracted a large number of fans.As early as February, the developers had a preliminary understanding of the successor to the newer version of the game (ie PUBG: New State), and the game has now surpassed 10 million pre-registrations Mark on Google Play. The developer shared the news through the game’s official Twitter account.

PUBG: NSW was established in 2051 and has a familiar battle environment, but it is equipped with modern weapons and modern vehicles, as well as some gadgets that can enhance the gameplay. The trailer released in February showed some new mechanisms and new environments that will appear in PUBG: New State.

Although PUBG: New State has not yet been released, the developer said it will be released later this year. At the time of release, the developer shared that the game can be pre-registered, and iOS pre-registration will be opened soon. The game still cannot be pre-registered on iOS. In addition, the game has not yet been pre-registered on any platform in India. In early March, it was revealed that the PUBG Mobile India team is working hard to bring the Indian version of PUBG Mobile to the country, which is why the pre-registration of PUBG: New State has not yet been opened here.

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Due to the relationship between PUBG Mobile and the Chinese company Tencent, the use of PUBG Mobile was banned in India in September last year, and there have been many attempts to recover it since then.

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