We are all familiar with “HORN OK PLEASE” and “Dekho Magar Pyaar Se” printed on Indian trucks. However, truck art is much more than that. Let’s dive into the psychedelic world of truck art to learn more.


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When it comes to their trucks, truck drivers swear by the concept of “home away from home”. This is correct considering that most truck drivers spent nearly 10 months on 12 highways across the country. In order to add flavor to this slow and sometimes lonely journey, these wheeled houses are decorated with bright colors, weird slogans, religious symbols and political signs; they are mainly personalized according to the tastes of drivers and car owners.


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When you go beyond the bling and beauty of these decorations, you will notice that, most importantly, it is a way of communication for these drivers. As a of their preferences, tendencies and sources, these art forms act as a without language. And this kind of communication is more important than we thought. India spans 1,42,126 kilometers of national highways. Most states do not allow truck drivers to move during the day, forcing them to drive long distances at night. This is not a trifling matter, especially when the long and winding road is monotonous and boring. Overtaking another moving vehicle and a dynamic truck can ensure that you are not alone. Sometimes this is the only review needed.


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Truck art has come a long way, from hand-painted flowers and birds in folk style to graphic stickers of famous Bollywood movie stars and movies. Although the traditional methods of breaking sweat and drawing intricate details by hand are now dwindling, modern printing technology has opened the door to new dimensions. You can see that modern trucks are decorated with a 3D design with jazzy colors. So far, truck artists who have been in painting for generations have turned to printing and pasting art to make ends meet. That said, most truck drivers believe in using ancient brushes and paints to personalize their trucks. Moreover, they are very proud of it. Why not, these trucks can be used as canvases to showcase their creativity, and as the start of a conversation on the dhabas highway.


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However, truck art is not limited to appearance. Walk in and you can almost say everything about the driver. Photos of their wives and children, idols, sometimes temporary temples, memorial items for their loved ones, and items to prevent bad omen are just some of the decorations that can be seen. In addition, are some common suspicious objects that can be found in real homes, such as curtains, bedding, utensils, decorations and lights of different colors. After all, comfort brings the greatest happiness. For those of us non-truck drivers, happiness lies in the grand gatherings of these trucks, which add luster to the dullest journey.

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