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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Will speak on the 62nd edition of his monthly radio show "Mann Ki Baat11 am today.

Prime Minister urges people serve the people in a previous on January 26 Indian mother In the new decade, there is a new determination and expressed the hope that India will meet the expectations of the world.

"May this new decade bring new determination and new achievements each of you and the country as a whole. May India be able to fulfill its ability to meet the world's expectations of India. With this conviction, let us start a new For ten years, let us serve Indian mothers with a new resolve, "Modi said on this year's first" Manki Bart "show.

The PM also asked people work to conserve water and share stories of their efforts with pictures and tagged with # jalshakti4India to inspire others.

Modi also called on those involved in “solving resolve the issue through violence” to return to the mainstream, claiming that dialogue is the only way to resolve any dispute.

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