New Delhi: Congressional Leader Rahul Gandhi Attacked the government on Thursday on the government's handling of the economy, Coronavirus, Alleged Prime Minister Narendra Modi It was "sleeping on wheels" and the country was heading for an "accident".

Regarding the state of the economy, he said that this was just the beginning of the "tsunami" and that the situation would worsen as "tens of thousands of people in India" suffered unprecedented pain.

"I have been saying that coronavirus is a very serious problem, and the government has not acted on it as it should," Gandhi told reporters outside parliament.

Former parliamentary chairman said that India's strength lies in its economy, and Indian Prime Minister Modi's ideology and policies have "destroyed" India.

"I am a member of the opposition and I see a tragedy happening. I see a huge tragedy happening."

"He (Modi) has nothing to say. I can understand that Nirmala Sitharaman ji doesn't know much about the economy, so she can't speak. But the Prime Minister should tell the country what he is. And Economically. "Gan said.

He claimed that the government was "not prepared" to deal with the coronavirus, said that the government was "asleep" and did not realize that the virus was spreading in the country, with devastating consequences.

"Our Prime Minister sleeps on the steering wheel. Unfortunately, I tell you that the Indian Prime Minister knows nothing about the economy and how these things work, and we are facing an accident. The country." Gan said .

He emphasized that the UPA, led by Congress, led by Manmohan Singh, has allowed the economy to run smoothly for 10 years and ensured that the country did something in the 2008 economic crisis.

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He said India's informal economy was protecting the country at the time.

Gan said, "By de-monetizing, you have eliminated the buffer; you have eliminated the shock absorber. Now you will face all the shocks you did not encounter in 2008."

He claims that the results of the monetization and the implementation of "defective" goods and services taxes are now obvious.

"The Lhasa and tens of thousands of people will suffer in this country," the former president of the parliament said. Young people need to ask the prime minister what he has done with their employment because they are the future of the country.

Asked if people close to him would be nominated for Raja Sabha's election, Gandhi stated that he was not the party's leader and did not make such a decision.

Gandhi claims government is busy spending money trying to save Is the bank To protect "15-20 stakeholders", it has been hit hard in the economy.

Gan said that Modi should explain to the country that his strategy is to get the country out of the "chaos".

He also blasted the government's response to the coronavirus, saying it was not only a virus that infects humans, but also a very serious problem for the economy.

"This is a direct attack on the economy, so we must take immediate emergency measures … it's too late, but we need to take immediate action and minimize damage," he said.

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