Hot new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7 5G leaks leave little to the imagination

Samsung’s next-generation high-end Android tablet will attract a lot of attention before the official announcement may be released in 2009 August 5 even Later this month. The company did not release a single major Galaxy Tab S7 variant to keep up with last year’s 10.5-inch Tab S6, but was committed to providing Apple’s latest iPad Pro The duo compete directly in the form of 11- and 12.4-inch models, and recently revealed that they will pack a hot new Snapdragon 865+ SoC.

Today, the upcoming Tab S7 and S7+ are no longer a new vulnerability, but two new vulnerabilities, which further confirms their high-quality and familiar design and reveals a surprising new Features.

After all, ultra-fast charging is a foregone conclusion

Although the earlier certification documents seem to indicate that both the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ will stick to the 15W fast charging function, Galaxy Tab S6, There are (official) reasons for SamMobile It is expected that at least the larger slate can now jump to a speed of 45W.

Therefore, the Galaxy Tab S7+ can satisfy the crazy “super fast charging” support Galaxy S20 Ultra with Note 10+ In the version that only supports Wi-Fi and the version that supports 5G, although the 12.4-inch giant is obviously unlikely to be shipped with the 45W power adapter in the standard retail box.
Conversely, if you want to gain huge purchasing power, you may have to buy the thing separately and exchange it for $49.99 10,000mAh battery Under the hood of the Tab S7 Plus, increase the capacity from 0% to 100% as soon as possible.
By the way, this upgrade will put Samsung’s latest flagship tablet ahead of the tablet released in 2020 iPad Pro 11 with 12.9, Both are set at 35W charging speed.

Galaxy Tab S7 looks good in newly leaked rendering

This news-friendly picture shows the front panel of the Galaxy Tab S7 and looks as terrible as the Tab S6. Even if the gorgeous Super AMOLED display can be said to have enough space to place, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Samsung Further reduce the border.

As previously revealed, the Tab S7 is set to have a front camera, which is more than enough for such a large device, and there are two rear shooters hidden in this particular rendering.

The first live Galaxy Tab S7 + 5G pictures have also been released

In case you need more evidence that Samsung is preparing to launch Tab S7 and S7+, you will be happy to see the Korean regulator reveal A pair of real SM-T976N photos. Please note that this is a variant of the very large tablet with regional 5G capabilities and looks familiar.

The Galaxy Tab S7 + 5G seems to have the same dual rear camera module, S pen holder and AKG inscription as the Tab S6, not to mention the very similar metal body and relatively thin screen border.

Naturally, the huge 12.4-inch slate is significantly taller and wider than its 10.5-inch forerunner, reportedly paired with the above Snapdragon 865 Plus processor You can choose between 6 or 8 GB of memory and 128 or 256 GB of internal storage space. Although the specifications of the 11-inch Galaxy Tab S7 have not been leaked, we fully hope that they will reflect the list of features of the Tab S7+.
Of course, the battery size will be an obvious exception. Smaller tablets can fit in smaller but still ample packaging 7,760mAh battery capacity.

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