Pokemon Unite is the franchise’s first multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, which was released on Android and iOS platforms on Wednesday, September 22. The latest products from The Pokemon Company and TiMi Studios are free games, with optional in-game purchases just like any other mobile game. Earlier, Pokemon Unite was only available on Nintendo Switch. The game provides comprehensive cross-platform support. In Pokemon Unite, two teams of five players will compete for points by collecting Pokemon.

The Pokemon Unite game provides 5 vs. 5 battles in the arena-this is a setting that ordinary MOBA players are already familiar with. This will capturing wild Pokemon, upgrading and evolving your Pokemon, and defeating opponents. The player who scores the most points within the specified time will win.

The release of Pokemon Unite was announced by game producer Masaaki Hoshino through a blog post. Users can download games through Google Play and App Store.

Pokemon Unite provides complete cross-platform support and account linking functions across mobile devices and Nintendo Switch. In addition, the game also adds a unity team, allowing trainers to up with teammates. Pokemon Unite brings a second battle pass, which contains brand new cosmetics, including a brand new Holowear with special visual effects. The game also introduces a new limited audience mode function and support for more languages. According to the blog post, trainers can predict new battle passes, themed events, and other fascinating content to make Pokemon Unite more interesting and beneficial. Hoshino confirmed that a new game mode is also in development, aimed at providing a level playing field for all trainers, regardless of the level of items they hold.

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Pokemon Unite was launched for Nintendo Switch in July this year.Later, the company Tweet Last week, it had more than 9 million downloads. To celebrate this milestone, the company plans to give away 2,000 Aeos tickets for free to Pokemon Unite players starting September 29.