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Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO developers Niantic and Pokémon Company, this is still a huge success, and huge profits were still recorded during the corona virus outbreak.

Based on the data collected Gold Casino NewsBetween March 9th and 16th, Pokémon GO’ weekly player spending soared by “nearly 70%”, and during this week, many countries have entered a locked state. As shown in the table below, the global total amount reached 23 million US dollars this week.

The second chart shows how the spending of Pokémon GO players changes year by year globally. The chart follows almost Pokémon Company’s Annual Profit Report We shared this information yesterday, highlighting the importance of the from a financial perspective.

Rear Yesterday’s downtime was very long, You should find that Pokémon GO is now backed up and running.

Do you games regularly? You have been using The new home function of the app? Let us comment.


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