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transaction. Best Buy is currently conducting an Apple sale, which is actually very attractive. The only condition is to become a free Best Buy member, you can enjoy a $100 discount on iPhone 11 and a $500 discount on XS and XS Max. Some iPad models can enjoy a $50 discount, and a MacBook Pro can enjoy a discount of up to $300. The first link in the transaction will take you directly to the sale. Amazon and B&H are actually matching some of these deals. For example, the MacBook Pro is a $300 discount, while the 16-inch version is priced at $2499. Galaxy A51 is $50 off, shipping is $280, and there are more deals on Beats headphones and Mobvoi watches in the link in the description.

Google is playing with the idea of ​​a dual-screen Chromebook

We know that Google has very few, and I mean rarely try to use Chromebooks, but that may change. According to 9to5Google, the newly submitted code indicates that Google may be using a dual-screen Chromebook. The code name of the device is “Palkia”, and the code clearly mentions the second touch screen on the device. The code also mentions the tablet mode, so we’re not sure if this will be a clamshell form factor, with two internal displays, similar to the one we got from Asus, a foldable internal touch screen with external touch screen. However, the developer’s comments indicate that the device is not an OEM device, but a prototype, so Google seems to be testing it here.

Apple seems to be ready to release a new iMac update

Twitter is about to release new obscure news about Apple products. According to the reminder, the product is ready for shipment. The problem is that he did not specify which product. Some strong candidates include iMacs redesigned with new bezels, because Ming Chi Kuo also predicts that Apple will update Intel-based iMacs in the third quarter. We also look forward to those AirPods Studio that should appear at WWDC, but we don’t have any hardware. Another product candidate is AirTag, which Apple leaked in April, aimed at competing with Tiles. We may also buy a new iPad a new Apple TV, but so far, all we know is that they are ready to ship. Yes, Tipster… how do you want to be more specific next time.

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The 2020 iPhone SE boosts iPhone sales and helps users upgrade

It seems that Apple’s plans for the iPhone SE are working. CIRP just released data for the last quarter, iPhone 11 and Pros still accounted for 65% of purchases, but iPhone SE did decline. In the past quarter, it covered about 19% of sales, which means that people are still more likely to buy newer, higher- iPhones, but it is gaining sales from older models. In contrast, last year XS / XS Max and Xr accounted for 65% of the share, but iPhone 8 and 7 accounted for the rest, and no iPhone SE accounted for 19%. According to CIRP data, users who have more than three years of mobile phone have a 73% chance of upgrading to SE. Therefore, it seems that Apple’s strategy is working well.

This is your first official look at the upcoming OnePlus Buds in all three colors

OnePlus Nord will have a 90Hz display and 12GB of spacious RAM

Moreover, we obtained a lot of official leaks from OnePlus (including Buds). Now, Evan Blass and 9to5Google have restored some pictures of Bud from the latest Oxygen OS update. We can see that Buds has three different color variants, black, white, and of course, Dave2D teal. These pictures show the box from the front and back, and we see the buds from the back. We were able to see the touch controls, and the only reason to see the front panel was Evan’s leak, but it looked a little strange. Back to the official realm, OnePlus ridiculed these noise cancellations that will bring calls and a new trailer on Instagram suggests that the price tag is under $100. They also confirmed that Nord will bring a 90Hz display. We will notify you in time because the event is tomorrow.

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The leaked rendering of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is incredible

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leaked hands-on video reveals the main features of the camera

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 confirmed to debut with Galaxy Note 20 on August 5

The second display of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will contain a basic function

Today we have a lot of leaks about Unpacked, so let’s start with Z Fold 2. Samsung UK very confirmed that we will use this new trailer on Unpacked to inform this phone, it says “new look”. Later, Ice released a very blurry print rendering of the device. It shows a new camera array that looks very similar to the Note, it shows the USB-C port and speaker grille, and we can’t see anything else in the image. According to a new tweet by Max Weinbach, Z Fold 2 will be able to use the new 6.23-inch external display as a viewfinder, so you can use the main camera to take selfies without having to use the selfie camera. The pun is meant to illustrate this point, and it seems we also have some new leaked camera features. It seems that Pro Video now allows you to choose the microphone you want to use.. I know LG has come up with something, but the microphone even allows the use of USB, adding more flexibility to streaming media or video recorders. It will also be able to record video at 21:9 at a maximum speed of 8K. Finally, they will also increase the functionality of this phone and S20 Ultra by 50 times, because it has only jumped from 30 times to 100 times.

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