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Prime Minister Narendra Modi laments that when many people fail to pay taxes and find ways to evade taxes, "the burden should rest on those who pay taxes honestly"

twitter-logo PTI New Delhi Last Updated: February 12 2020 | IST 22:30

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday that although the previous government had been hesitant to change the country's tax system, the tax exemption currently led by the Japanese People's Party is making it more citizen-centric.

Speaking at the Today Times summit here, he said he was concerned that since some people always find ways to evade taxes, honest people are punished.

"No government wants to touch the tax system. We are making it citizen-centric …. India has become one of the very few countries with a transparent taxpayer charter to clearly define taxpayer rights. I want to assure you that taxes Harassment is a thing of the past in our country, "Modi said.

He lamented that when many people did not pay their taxes and found ways to evade them, "the burden rests on those who pay their dues honestly."

The Prime Minister said it was incredible, but the fact is that only 2,200 people in the country declared an annual income of Rs 10 crore.

He also said that this is the first time any government has focused on smaller cities to promote economic development.

Modi said that all citizens who can afford to pay taxes should be honest and honest with those who make them able to pay taxes and should do so with a sense of responsibility and pride.

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"India will not waste time now, and it will move forward with confidence …. The alliance's budget will help achieve the $ 5 trillion economy goal."

The Prime Minister, as a citizen, said that when the country fulfilled the responsibilities we expected to perform, it also gained new and vitality.

He added that this new energy and new will also enable India to reach new heights in this decade.