PlayStation Plus’ free games for February have been announced. As usual, subscribers will get three free games in February. Two of the three games are exclusively for PlayStation 4 players, while one is only available for PlayStation 5. Free PS Plus games will be available on February 1st. The three free games for February are EA Sports UFC 4, Tiny Tina’s on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-shot Adventure and Planet Coaster: Console Edition.

Sony’s announcement details that the upcoming free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers in February will be available for download starting February 1st next month. All three games will be free to download until February 28.

Roller Coaster: Console Edition

Beginning with the game exclusively for PS5 players in February, Planet Coaster: Console Edition lets players build and manage roller coaster parks. The game originally launched in 2016 – Review – has now been adapted for the new generation of consoles. Non-player characters (NPCs) react in real time as players set prices and add items to their coaster park.

EA Sports UFC 4

EA’s latest UFC game will be available to PS4 players for free in February. Players will experience the journey of an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter. Players can also experience Career Mode, Blitz, and Online World Championships. The game in August 2014 and is also available on Xbox consoles.

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Little Tina’s on Dragon Castle: One Hit Adventure in Wonderland

Launched in 2019, Tiny Tina Raid Dragon Castle: One Hit Adventure in Wonderland is only available to PS4 players in February. As Tiny Tina, players can “smash skeletons, defeat dragons, and battle giant golems.” Players can experience the game alone or team up with friends into chaotic battles.

Players have until January 31 to download the free games from January – Persona 5 Strikers, Dirt 5, and Deep Rock Galaxy.

PlayStation Plus subscriptions are available in India for Rs. Rs 499 a month, Rs. Rs 1,199 for three months. 2,999 for 12 months.