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Xbox Game Pass

Last year, you may remember Xbox Director Phil Spencer talking about Bring Microsoft’s Game Pass service to more platforms. Although the company has now achieved this goal in its own ecosystem, these comments still cause many to question whether the subscription service can be used on other systems such as Switch.

Since he talked about this before, Spencer stated that the company is more focused on its next- Xbox games and also mentioned how he Rumors about choosing Xbox titles to enter Switch.

Now, in a recent video interview with the German Star, he explained that there are no plans to introduce ’s Xbox Game service to other platforms. The reason behind this is that these companies just “do not want to have a complete Xbox ” and Microsoft hopes to provide these experiences through its Game Pass service.

Because of TweakTown, what he has to say is:

The problem with other platforms is that we can’t bring a complete Xbox experience on these platforms.

Where we bring Xbox, for example, like we now use Project xCloud and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for mobile phones, we bring a complete Xbox experience on PC. We know that when someone is playing our Xbox games, they expect them to have an Xbox LIVE community and they will have achievements. Game Pass is my choice, and my first-party database already exists.

Other competing platforms are really not interested in having a complete Xbox experience on their hardware. But for us, we want to be what gamers want to be, and this is the path we are .

It seems that if you want to enjoy Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, you only need to access it on a PC, mobile device or Xbox One. what do you think about this? Do you want to see similar services on Switch? Share your thoughts below.


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